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The WONM University Asia of Natural Medicine is a non-profit school. It is very grateful to all the professors for their unselfish dedication to help the school conduct professional education!


Dr. Sheila Principal: Principal, IPSP diplomat

Dr.Richard Liao President: WONM Asia University for Humanitarian Medicine
Jiang Deyou Vice President: Current President of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
Xu Yaming Vice President: China Love Heart Foundation
Xia Dengjie Vice President: Current Director of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sun Shixiao Doctor of Medicine: Current Professor of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
Dr. Yang Zhenan: Current Professor, Wali Business School, Malaysia
Dr. Feng Quan: Professor, Harbin University of Commerce
Dr. Huang Jinlong: Current SCCS Research Center, National Taiwan University
Dr. Lu Yingzhong: Currently a professor at Nanhua University.
Lu Yuyao MD/Physician: Professor, College of Health and Self-Healing Therapy, Singapore
Vasanthi Pillay:Researcher of Beijing Wellness Academy
Dr. Goh Toni: Dean of the College of Health and Natural Therapeutics, Singapore
Dr. Masanori Kaneko Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine/ Ph. Doctor in Alternative Medicine / Doctor of Science in Medicine ,Master of Biology / NGOICSA President, Japan Natural Medicine Society President, Former Nara Pref Organ Transplantation Center
Dr. Yangyan Yan: Principal, Moral Education Management School

Chen An Doctor of Medicine: Professor and Director of Research Center of Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Yang Lin Teacher (Master): International Senior Clinical Medicine Director, International Institute of Natural and Total Medicine, USA
Xu Dazhi Assistant Professor (Master): Chief of Technology, Asia International Institute for Integrated and Natural Medicine
Yan Xueying Doctor of Medicine: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Fu Qiang, MD: Professor of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
Liu Zheng MD: Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
Zhou Xueming MD: Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
Cai Zhonghua, MD: Professor, Beijing Normal University
Ma Lingfeng Master of Medicine / Physician: Teacher of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Dr. Zhang Wei Physician: Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital
Dr. Li Zhaorong: Ph.D., Jiaotong University
Yan Zhaohui Teacher: Reiki Chief Trainer, International Society of Integrative and Natural Medicine
Xue Zhongling Teacher: Aromatherapy Trainer, American Society of Global Integrative and Natural Medicine
Li Haiyan, Teacher: Chief of Education, China's Cai Guangbo, Australia

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